Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Here's to you, Tin Foil Hat Crowd

In the year 2000, Paul Wolfowitz and Robert Zoellick (among many others) created the now famous document called "Rebuilding America's Defenses" released by the Conservative think-tank The Project For a New American Century, which called for something like the events of 9/11 to generate the moral traction among the American Citizenry for some otherwise unpopular military exploits, namely Iraq and Afghanistan.

9/11 happens, as announced, and the resulting expeditionary wars proceed to drive the U.S. into massive deficit, the White House response to which is a campaign of "Patriotic Spending" where citizens are encouraged (through bizarre banking policies that suddenly ignore the ability to pay) to take equity out of their inflated homes and buy big-screen TVs, iPods and all manner of disposable extruded plastic goodies from China.

The day of reckoning comes, over-leveraged households and over-leveraged U.S. banks begin a cascading collapse. Jobs are being lost, and American consumers are no longer buying Chinese manufactured goods. The solution to this, from the new U.S. President is to print trillions upon trillions of U.S. Dollars, with the predictable result of devaluing the currency.

China, now feeling the loss of GDP AND holding more US debt than any other country in the world - in U.S. currency that will soon be worth $0.75 on the dollar - calls today for a new global currency run by the International Monetary Fund - Current President: Robert Zoellick, preceded by: Paul Wolfowitz.

I'm not drinking the Bilderburg/New World Order kool aid yet, but it is fascinating that what those crazy conspiracy theorists have been predicting is slowly unfolding before our eyes, and the same names keep popping up over and over.


Monday, March 16, 2009

The New Hate

Western Liberal Democrats are increasingly using the term 'Zionism' to find new and interesting ways to express their hatred of Jews. It seems that support for Israel has somehow become the exclusive domain of Conservative politics and Liberals have become the new Anti-Semites under the euphemistic cover of ‘Anti-Zionism’.

Articles like this one in the L.A. Times make the preposterous suggestion that if only Jews would abandon the idea of Israel, there would be sudden and instant peace in the Middle East. Not only is this false, it is offensive. It is the logical equivalent of sending all American Blacks to Africa in order to end racism. One must assume that such a complete collapse of logic can only be a result of a healthy dose of self-loathing on the part of the Jewish author.

Why would Israelis, (or anyone for that matter) want to subject themselves to the socio-political conditions that would prevail should Israel be handed over to the Palestinians? Even with Israel gone, what’s to stop Hamas, Hezbollah and their ilk from going after the assets of individual Jews? This won’t stop until either there is nothing left to covet or until the Jews themselves are dispersed, and Israel is reduced to a bombed out dusty ruin like it’s hostile neighboring countries.

It’s not clear at this point which Western Liberal/Democrats are being duped into supporting Anti-Semitism through a lack of attention to political detail, and which ones have just found a new way of showing a pre-existing hatred of Jews without being lumped in with Hitler. With every passing week it seems more of them are declaring themselves.

We’ve already seen Neo Nazis marching alongside masked Islamists shouting anti-Jewish slogans in the streets of Calgary. If this doesn't frighten you, then you haven't read much history.

So is this a principled stand by the Left against occupations in general and Zionism in particular, or is it just good old fashioned Jew-hating? It helps to look at some facts...

First of all, everybody in North America except it's Indigenous People can give up the moral high-ground right now. We are all occupying land that until very recently belonged to them. Native people are to this very day, kept segregated from our society in a system of Reservations and Treaties. Naturally, one would expect Sid Ryan to be either advocating replacing Parliament with Native Tribal councils, or buying a one-way ticket to Ireland, right? Nope.

Second, everyone on this planet is currently living on land that at various points in history belonged to someone else. Abandoning Israel due to a successful campaign of terror sends a chilling message to any marginalized ethnic or religious group with nothing to lose: Terrorism works. If you kill once you're a murderer. If you kill thousands or millions you're a freedom fighter.

Third, how do 'Anti-Zionists' decide that we should turn the clock back on Israel, but allow other artificial nation-states (such as most of Africa) to not only exist, but to rape and pillage their ethnic minorities at will?

The list of doublethink from the Left surrounding the state of Israel is long. Among the more bizarre mental incongruities is that of misogyny and homophobia on the part of the people they champion in the Middle East. How the Left can support a movement such as Hamas that would tear down every bit of social progress it has made in the past 100 years the moment it got into power - along with beheading anyone who opposed the process - is a question for the philosophers.

The tragedy is these people are so blinded by arrogance, so convinced they have easy answers, that they don't even realize they may be next on the list.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Bob Rae admits CBC is a mouthpiece for the extreme left...

Bob Rae says that the Conservative government is using the recession as cover to gut the CBC

"They are taking advantage of the crisis to show their prejudice and their partisanship," Rae told reporters after criticizing the government during question period for underfunding the national network.

Now... How could cutting the CBC's budget be seen as a partisan maneuver unless we all accept the fact that the CBC exclusively presents the views of the extreme Left in a positive light, while routinely deriding centrist and right wing views?

And if we accept Mr.Rae's assertion as the truth, along with it's corollary that there is no publicly funded media outlet that presents Conservative views in Canada, then we are faced with a sort of reversal of the original attack.

It is the status quo which is partisan and prejudiced, and Bob Rae wants to keep it that way.

You can read this insult to the intelligence of a 10 year old here. Also notice that The Toronto Star put a stop to comments on the story after only 62 comments.