Monday, March 9, 2009

Bob Rae admits CBC is a mouthpiece for the extreme left...

Bob Rae says that the Conservative government is using the recession as cover to gut the CBC

"They are taking advantage of the crisis to show their prejudice and their partisanship," Rae told reporters after criticizing the government during question period for underfunding the national network.

Now... How could cutting the CBC's budget be seen as a partisan maneuver unless we all accept the fact that the CBC exclusively presents the views of the extreme Left in a positive light, while routinely deriding centrist and right wing views?

And if we accept Mr.Rae's assertion as the truth, along with it's corollary that there is no publicly funded media outlet that presents Conservative views in Canada, then we are faced with a sort of reversal of the original attack.

It is the status quo which is partisan and prejudiced, and Bob Rae wants to keep it that way.

You can read this insult to the intelligence of a 10 year old here. Also notice that The Toronto Star put a stop to comments on the story after only 62 comments.

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